Twitter: @crymoraabandoned, no longer in use

Wire App: crymoar (preferred)

  • ID: 7F 0B 31 EF 37 BE C1 91
  • fingerprint: 05d5 810c 5f08 2913 1851 4768 a4fc 033e 1105 da92 b7e5 72ba 3072 7a92 7a73 85f0

Mail: — will be abandoned once pgp key expires

PS: This is a reference page for friends, journalists and academics to verify my keys for secure coms. I won’t respond to any mails calling for operational/propagandist help regarding an upcoming op. The internet is the best playground to learn, so please don’t contact me with such requests. This post should answer your questions on why I left and sum up the drama you probably missed.